‘Don’t Miss A Beat’ in new interactive game by the Black Eyed Peas!


Have you been a Peabody since THE BEGINNING? Play our new BEP music video challenge game to find out! #DontMissABeat  


Introducing The Baby Peas!


The animated characters known as the Baby Peas were created by to immortalize the real Black Eyed Peas so they could live and entertain fans on multiple screens.  The Baby Peasare a fusion of the “Little Rascals” mixed with the “Peanuts Gang”, with the edge of “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons.”  Then add some Black Eyed Peas music vibe with the classical approach of the W.B’s Looney Toons and that’s the Baby Peas!  Animated but also grown up, the Baby Peas are modeled to convey some of the real life traits and adventures of, Fergie,Taboo, and Apl.De.Ap.
In November 2010, the Baby Peas made their first public appearance alongside the real Black Eyed Peas in the music video “The Time (dirty bit)" that placed the Baby Peas into the live action world.  The characters then became part of the world’s first 360 degree mobile music video app, BEP360.  Created by will.i.apps and available in the Apple iTunes store, BEP360 allows fans to take photos that embed favorite Baby Peas characters within the image, and then share with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
For such a young group, the Baby Peas found themselves in the limelight once again, with giving them the starring role in two television commercial spots he created and directed for’s  In these two commercial spots, the Baby Peas join Chatty, an animated cloud and collaborative muse who helps the Baby Peas to accomplish impossible things as a team.
Key members of the team who collaborated to bring the Baby Peas to life at Dipdive, Inc.,’s digital creative agency, include Creator, Executive Creative Director Pasha Shapiro, Creative Directors Ernst Weber and Huan Ngheim, Executive Producer and Academy Award® nominee Julia Pistor ( “Lemony Snicket’s”, “Jimmy Neutron”, “Rugrats”) and the animation artistry of Dale Carman.
The Baby Peas are on a roll, so be on the lookout for these wacky animated adventurers in new and interesting places - coming soon at! 

Catching up with in the animation studio


AOL Originals caught up again in Dallas with at the studio putting final touches on 2 animated commercial spots for, featuring the Baby Peas. is excited that his commercial directorial debut will be seen during the biggest sporting event.  He shared that he has't felt like this since he was 19. continued to say "There are brands that have been working on their commercials for 10-12 months... we've been working on our little spots for 3 1/2 months and we did it using Chatter."
Look out for more Baby Peas on really soon!


 Has a Special Video Message For You Today on has a special video message to you today on - check him out as he prepares for the big game!

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The Black Eyed Peas Superbowl Halftime Show is previewed by SPIN MAGAZINE

 Click here to read full article: 


all tickets for the show in the stade of france in paris sold

All tickets are sold says about twitter: 2weeks ago we aNnounced bep concert in stad de france (80k seat stadium) and sold all 80 thousand tickets in 40 min wants to tweet from the superbowl stage

He wants to tweet greeting to the fans live from the superbowl stage.

Hes tweet from yesterday:

Starting tomorrow I'm going to start tweeting more everyday, leading up to our big halftime show...everyone ask people to fallow me 

 Black Eyed Peas in USA WEEKEND

 Hosted by

 Hosted by

IT’S THE BEST ONE YET! SPORTS ILLUSTRATED AND THE BLACK EYED PEAS PARTNER TO BRING THE PHUNK TO THE FRIDAY NIGHT B4 XLV IN DALLAS Joins INTEL as Director of Creative Innovation is now Creativity Director  of Intel more can you see here in this video: 





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